Sunday, 16 March 2014

My story so far

So it's only been eleven days since the first blog post. I feel that there's a book in me. If I were a sportsman, I would already be on the phone to my ghost writer, asking about the progress of the requisite “My story so far” autobiography.

So far, I have:

  • Proof read 1500 words and translated 500 words – mainly web site content
  • Acquired 360 Twitter followers
  • Made some really good contacts

However, I felt like the cat who got the cream, when I translated and had published my first article. I applied speculatively to be a volunteer on This is a popular online magazine , published in six languages, with articles covering stories from Europe and further afield.

The assignment: translating a highly interesting article in Spanish about cinema clubs in Tunisia. It seemed daunting at first, however my approach was to “live the text”. I imagined that I was an activist in the 1990s, hiding out in the darkened projection rooms from undercover agents. And from that, the meaning would follow.

And only last Thursday, the translated piece was published:

Enjoy reading and thanks to the team for giving me this opportunity!

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