Thursday, 6 March 2014


Hello all and welcome to Neelangues.  So what's the story?

Well, I once dreamed of running a language business from a young age. At school, I first noticed a knack for languages when my friends started to call me "The Walking Dictionary".  Since then, languages have formed a part of my daily life.

In 2002, I upped sticks and worked as an English teaching assistant in a French school. It was in the town of Saint Claude, nestled in the Jurassian hills where I truly learned French. I picked up on the French's appreciation for Wine, Cheese, Skiing, the French language and Politics. And, sticking to these topics of conversation earned me at least 25 hot dinners with the locals!

Fast forward to 2006, where I was bitten by the language bug on holiday. Although it was only a week-long trip to Seville, little did I know that would give a major boost to my Spanish. In the heart of Andalusia, it was an unforgettable week with fellow language students and a chance encounter with the Spanish striker's José Antonio Reyes at Seville airport. Want to know more about this meeting of minds? Just ask me!

In 2007, I was offered a post in the accounting department of a French manufacturing company. I embraced many aspects of local life - the Cathedral, the newly built Media library, performances in the local playhouse and life in the parks, enjoying a Djembe performance until early hours of the morning.

From then, I have brushed up on my Italian in Bologne, improved my German in Berlin and received a kick-start to Dutch in Tenerife. Yes, you did read that correctly! Ask me about it and I'll tell you the story.

In 2009, I joined a leading international auction house in London, looking after the accounting, finance and tax of its European businesses. I use French extensively and have made the most of my position by incorporating other European languages in the job. 

Here, in the UK, I am a regular on the language social scene - I take part in language exchanges, language meet-ups and more recently, I joined a local Spanish group in Bedford and a Polyglot group in London.

It was only a matter of time before I founded Neelangues as I step into the pool of an exciting new business. COME JOIN THE JOURNEY!

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