Sunday, 13 April 2014

"The case for language learning" - or not?

I was just reading the Guardian article entitled "The case for language learning"

The article cites a recent survey ( in which language skills are less sought-after by UK employers than other skills such as technical, oral communication or literacy skills. However, there still is a shortage and this does need to be addressed.

In my professional career, staff from other departments have approached me countless times as the in-house language expert, when translating business correspondence. Indeed I have enjoyed helping out, though when I am not around staff either use an online language translator or if absolutely necessary, a human translator.

Later on in the report, increased operating costs and outsourced work are listed, among others as the impact of skills shortages.

So while I would love to see language skills feature higher on the agenda, it appears that there is an opportunity for external translators like me to pick up this business and benefit from the language skills shortage.

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