Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The SmileUrbo project []

A few people have asked me whether it is worth carrying out voluntary translations and I say it's a definite yes!    Especially starting out, it is a great way of expanding one's portfolio and gaining recognition for your work. And remember: a voluntary translation does not mean a low quality translation.

I recently worked on a translation of the award-winning project, "SmileUrbo", led by It is an interactive, role-playing game which aims to build cooperation between people by creating scenarios faced by real-life communities, such as how to manage a town's budget.

The Spanish source text was different to any other I had already translated. I had to translate the document in sections, according to different rounds of the game, rather than the usual article with continuous prose. However - the approach wasn't any different - "live the text", get into the shoes of a town planner and then translate!

For more info about the SmileUrbo project, please click on the link:

And please also read more on the not-for-profit which funds projects which make the world a better place :

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