Sunday, 17 August 2014


The inevitable return to work and the many unanswered e-mails after a period of bliss on vacation often inspire fear and needless anxiety.

Some work through these e-mails the night before they return, easing their first day in. Others just plough through the first morning back, thus obliterating the benefits of two weeks away.  A few cunning foxes may claim to be back a day or two later than they really are, thus managing expectations and workloads.

But very few will select their unread e-mails, close their eyes and hit the delete key, pretending that the whole working world stopped whilst they were away.

Actually, a similar approach has been advocated by a German company, as outlined in this article:

As a freelance translator, this approach isn't for me, especially with new clients writing in with enquiries. 

After all, you wouldn't exactly ask your postman to shove your regular post in the bin and ask your suppliers to send their bills when you are back from holidays (as tempting as this is!)?

What out-of-office message do you leave for your colleagues and clients? 

I would be interested to know!


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