Monday, 11 August 2014

Pick up your lingui-sticks!

Fresh off a Portuguese language course in Lisbon, I just had to blog about the topic.

And that got me reading this article:

Now I’m not here to endorse any of the holiday packages listed in the article.  However, I would like to echo some of the merits of taking a language course in the local country:

* Accelerated learning - even one week of a language course equates to three months of language classes at home

* Teaching by a native qualified language instructor - classes are taught in the local language, so you expose yourself to the exact pronunciation.  You also receive useful tips in the local customs.

* Meeting new friends - most students in the class are in the same position as you. Together, you can explore the city, have a meal or take part in a local cultural activity.

* Combining languages with holiday activities - have your classes in the morning, and do your sight-seeing, surfing, siesta or flamenco show in the afternoon and evening.  Most schools offer some sort of extra-curricular activity.  If that’s not for you, you can always look up a local wine-tasting session, a cookery class or a dance lesson.

* Interacting with the locals - this is possibly the most rewarding experience about the language course.  You will impress the locals no end by using your noggin
more than your phrase book.

So when you book your next holiday, pick up your lingui-sticks and make it a language course!

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